Association presentation

When and where?

  • Thursday, 05 October
  • 3:00 pm - 06:00 pm
  • USZ gallery
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Artist, nerd, career man or do-gooder? There is a suitable initiative for everyone in Ilmenau. Simply come by at the club presentation at University Sports Centre starting from 3:00 pm. Because here in Ilmenau your commitment is appreciated. Therefore there are far over 80 initiatives on the Campus. On the club presentation you have the possibility to get in contact with some of them without obligation. Schnuppert thus past and experience which various and exciting possibilities are offered to you.

Because you can only profit from a club membership. Because you will learn skills that cannot be taught in lectures. We also give you the chance to meet interesting people. Set the foundation for new friendships and relationships, far beyond the first week and your own seminar group. Because the study program does not only include lectures and exercises. It includes your new life in Ilmenau and we don't want to leave you alone. Become a part of the community and drop by!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your Ilmenau clubs under coordination of the StuRa's voluntary department

Who is the voluntary department?

With the increasing economic importance of studying, the pressure on students to complete their studies as quickly as possible has increased considerably in recent decades. With the introduction of the Bachelor-Master degree, the study structure with internship, thesis and probable change of university after only 6-7 semesters, as well as the increased work and examination load, now stand in the way of voluntary commitment.
Nevertheless, volunteering continues to be indispensable for the cultural, professional and social aspects of our campus. Without volunteer work, there would be no cinema, clubs, cultural events, student television, radio or the ISWI on campus.

In 2009, the Student Council therefore set up the Department for the Promotion of Volunteering, which is intended to promote the voluntary work of students. In dialogue with the university, this includes improving the compatibility of voluntary work and studies, making students aware of the possibility of compatibility and commitment, and motivating and enabling students to take on voluntary work.

The presentation informs about the student associations on campus within the framework of the university initiative, in the association guide as well as during the first week and on the association market. Public events and meetings can be easily found in the Event Calendar and Appointment Coordinator. Information exchange between the clubs and the Student Council also takes place at the monthly association meetings to which representatives of the Student Council and the associations are invited. There topics are discussed, which concern in particular in associations honorary active students. These include, for example, the long-term study fees, the flyer regulation of the refectory or the first week. The invitations to the meetings and further information are sent out via an e-mail distribution list, on which student clubs can be accepted upon request. Support in the performance of their tasks does not only take place through information exchange and consulting but also through training. These concern topics such as accounting in non-profit associations, insurance for voluntary work or application for subsidies. In recognition of his voluntary work, the honorary award has also been presented regularly at the graduation ceremony since 2010.

The department strives to fulfil these tasks and is always looking for new ideas and impulses. If you think you are exactly the right person for this, just write a short mail to the department or drop by the StuRa office (basemnet of house A). You will always be given a sympathetic ear.