Who can participate in the ErstiWoche?

The ErstiWoche is primarily aimed at the just starting bachelor, diploma and master students at the TU Ilmenau. However, students of older semesters can also take part in large events.

Should I already be in Ilmenau on 01.10.?

The sooner you are in Ilmenau, the sooner you can get to know Ilmenau and your new fellow students! The best way to get to know each other is to come to the campus between house H and I in Ilmenau at the latest during our welcome barbecue on the meadow.

How are the seminar groups divided up?

The division into seminar groups takes place on Monday in the ErstiWoche. There are different procedures depending on the faculty:
Some are arranged alphabetically, some sporadically when leaving the lecture hall after the welcoming lectures.

With the seminar group you will also be assigned your two tutors, with these 25 to 35 students you will spend most of your study time. Be it in the lectures that you listen to with everyone who is studying the same or something similar, in the exercises or seminars in which you deepen the mostly theoretical material of the lectures by means of tasks in the seminar group, or in the internships in which you practically apply what you have learned in small groups.

Who can take part in the ceremonial matriculation?

Every family member can take part in the ceremonial matriculation. There is no maximum number of persons allowed. There are also no tickets.

What's the point of that spell "ERSTI... Woche"?

During the ErstiWoche you will often get the word "Ersti...". This tradition has existed for years. Older semesters call "Ersti..." the Erstis answer with "...". Woche!