All about studying

Do the preliminary courses make sense for me?

That depends: If you go straight to university after your Abitur, your knowledge will still be relatively fresh and you can easily do without the preliminary courses, which mainly refresh your Abitur knowledge. If you have completed a stay abroad, an apprenticeship, an FSJ, etc. after graduating from high school, it is advisable to get the dusty knowledge up to speed a little in September.

Regardless of this, for some courses of study in the ErstiWoche there are maths pre-courses. Although most of the Abitur knowledge is also refreshed there, you will also learn some new things and at the same time get a first impression of the upcoming lecture level in mathematics.


Which means of transport can I use free of charge with the semester ticket and where can I travel with it everywhere?

The semester ticket is valid for Thuringian regional trains up to the last stop within Thuringia. Since 01 October 2014 there is a seamless connection to the surrounding federal states if you have the corresponding state ticket of the Deutsche Bahn (Hessenticket, Bayernticket, Niedersachsenticket). In these cases, a seamless onward journey is possible with the semester ticket. So you don't have to buy an additional transition ticket. The Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt tickets have always been valid in Thuringia as well, and this connectivity is of course maintained.
In addition, the ticket has been family-friendly since the 2014/2015 winter semester: if you already have your own children, you can take them with you free of charge up to and including the age of 14. Bicycles are also allowed.

The semester ticket does not include tourist rail services such as the Cantus Bahn (Eisenach - Gerstungen), the Harzer Schmalspurbahn (Nordhausen - Eisfelder Talmühle), the Rennsteigbahn and the Oberweißbacher Bergbahn. IC and ICE connections and all local transport services such as the IOV bus service are also excluded.

Last but not least, there is Eichenberg station in Hesse. You can reach it with your Hessenticket, but the Niedersachsenticket is also valid for the onward journey to Niedersachsen. This is regulated as an exception in the Niedersachsenticket.


I have lost my student ID (toska+) or the pin for it - What now?

If you ever lose your student ID card, this is not the end of the world. At the university's computer centre you can have a new one issued within about two weeks. The cost for this is about 15€. Please bring your identity card with you to the service desk of the Uni-RZ.  

If you no longer know where the PIN for your thoska+ is, this is no problem. You simply go to the university computer centre and have the PIN read for you. This only takes a few minutes. Your identity card is also required here.


How does this actually work with the Uni-WLAN?

Internet exists in different ways. On campus there's free Uni-WLAN. You can use it as soon as you have registered for the first time at the University Computer Center (UniRZ). There you will get a login with your student ID card, which is valid for your e-mail address and the Uni-WLAN. All information and an explanation of how to set it up can be found on the UniRZ website. Until your registration in the UniRZ you can also use the temporary access during the ErstiWoche. You will receive the password for this at the welcoming event at the latest.

If you live in a dormitory on campus, you can join the Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V. (FeM). This gives you access to the FeM-Net, which is one of the largest student residence networks in Germany and is managed by students themselves. There all computers are connected with each other and one surfs over the binding of the computer center. The admission fee to the FeM e.V. is 25€, the membership fee 40€ per semester.


How do I find out my timetable?

It is important: You will get an introduction from your tutor during the first week! There everything will be explained to you again. Furthermore, the timetable is not ready yet and you are not yet assigned to a seminar group! The description below doesn't work yet.

The advantage at Ilmenau University of Technology is that you don't have to enrol for courses. You will get a finished timetable. You can download it at . With a click on "VLV Wintersemester" and "Vorlesungsverzeichnis Wintersemester" you can select your course of studies as well as the first semester. There you will see all the courses you should take. You can change the display form on the left side.

In the VLV you can see the events for ALL seminar groups. The lectures are the same for all seminar groups. You can already schedule them. The exercises/seminars depend on which seminar group you are divided into. Then you can select "1. FS 3" (1st semester, seminar group 3) in the upper selection list.

What is the meaning of the following abbreviations?

You have lectures or have to meet in a building, but can't cope with the abbreviations at all? Then look for the abbreviation and find the building on the campus map.


Abbreviation Building name
ASC academic service center (at the Mensa)
Audimax Large lecture hall at Humboldtbau
Bi 13 Room 13 at bionics building
C 108 Room 108 in the Curiebau
C-Hs Curie-lecture hall in the Curiebau
EAZ Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum
H 1520b Room 1520b in the Helmholtzbau
HU 201 Room 201 in the Humboldtbau
HU-Hs Small lecture hall in the Humboldtbau
IDMT Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology
IMMS Institute for Microelectronic and Mechatronic Systems
K 2032 Room 2032 in the Kirchhoffbau
LdV-Hs 2 Leonardo Da Vinci Lecture Hall 2
Oe 109 Room 109 in the Ökonomikum
UniRZ university computer centre
Z 1037 Room 1037 in the Zusebau
Abbreviation Faculties
FAK EI Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
FAK IA Faculty of Computer Science and Automation
FAK MB Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
FAK MN Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
FAK WM Faculty of Economics and Media
Abbreviation Other
BES Basic Engineering School
ELMS e-academy Lizenzmanagementsystem
FakRat faculty council
FSR student representatives
G-/U-Woche Seminar only takes place in even / odd calendar weeks
GIG Joint basic engineering studies
PA examination office
SAP opening party
SoSe summer semester
StuRa student council
VLV university calendar
WS winter semester

How does it work with the Studium Generale and the language courses?

The Studium Generale, for those who need to take it, can be taken flexibly during the study period. This means that you have to study a subject that is not directly related to technology or your studies. You can find out which subjects are available in the ErstiWoche. The Founders' and European Studies are special concepts of the Studium Generale, which any student of the university can take in an extended form.

The situation is similar for languages. Every student who finds a note in his study plan must complete a language during his studies. Other languages can be taken voluntarily.