Welcome barbecue (supported by Bergfest e.V., ILSC e.V. und ISWI e.V.)

When and where?

  • Sunday, 01 October
  • 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Ehrenberg Meadow
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How better to say "Welcome to Thuringia" than with a proper Thuringian barbecue? Together with the whole Bergfest e.V., ILSC e.V., ISWI e.V., and the bi-Club, we want to enjoy the last summer sun with you and introduce your tutors.

Here you will have the opportunity to meet your first fellow students even before you are divided into seminar groups.

With music from the hsf student radio as well as drinks and Thuringian specialties from the grill we would like to spend a comfortable evening with you on the Bergfestwiese (Bergfest Meadow). All friends of meatless barbecueing are also remembered.

We are looking forward to you!


What is Bergfest?

Not only a mountain has its climax in the middle, but also the study: If half of the standard period of study is over, the corresponding students (and all others) celebrate so-called Bergfest (approx. Mountain fest). 

The Bergfest has a tradition of more than 50 years in Ilmenau. Over time, more and more events were organized as part of the Bergfest: soap box races, Beerathlon, club rotations, breakfasts and other festivities now filled an entire week and attracted the attention of all students. Even out-of-town teams regularly compete in the Beerathlon. Except for the Beerathlon, all events take place right on campus. This ensures that the TU Ilmenau is fully under the banner of Bergfest for an entire week.

In 2005, an association was founded especially for the Bergfest: the "Bergfest e.V.". This way, the experience can be passed on from year to year and class to class. 



What is the ILSC?

The clubs are a change from everyday student life filled with music, art and drinking culture. Many hundreds of cocktails, beers and whiskies enrich the wide range of music and events.

The Ilmenauer Studentenclub e.V. is the union of the four student clubs and the student café at the Technical University of Ilmenau. These 5 sections are located in the basements of the four blocks C, D, H and I on campus. The roots of this non-profit, socio-cultural association already go back over 50 years and continue to carry the organization and design of large events such as open airs, indoor concerts, festivals as well as the student nightlife.
Through numerous performances, bands and readings, the <bc> has made a name for itself as a live club in Ilmenau. Its cultural spectrum ranges from art exhibitions to neon parties and monthly wine evenings. Just across the street, the BD Club offers fat beats, 90s hits and live techno parties. Local acts and solo artists are on hand here. The BH Club offers many theme nights. In addition to an always-fresh music lineup, they celebrate everything from trendy mojito to the ever-popular iced tea party. The oldest club on campus is the bi. Equipped with a kitchen and extensive whiskey bar, metal, rock and goth are the hot sounds here. During the day, the bc café is the living room on campus. In a cozy atmosphere, you can play board games and tournaments in tabletop football while enjoying a good cup of coffee or a refreshing lemonade.
We offer skill development through various leadership positions as well as a stage for local acts, DJs from around the world, and space for bands & solo artists. Tap beer, mix cocktails, DJ music, and cook delicious menus. Our family continues to grow each semester and you're welcome to become a part of it too. The clubs not only have the right atmosphere for partying, but also offer a cozy ambience for social evenings due to many seating areas and can be rented.

What is ISWI?

The "Initiative Solidarische Welt Ilmenau e.V.", or ISWI for short, is an association founded by students that works for peace, international understanding, international convictions and tolerance.

The largest project of the ISWI e.V. is the "International Student Week in Ilmenau", also abbreviated as ISWI. Every two years, several hundred students from all over the world come to Ilmenau for ten days to take part in Germany's largest international student meeting. Here the participants discuss current topics of world politics, look for solutions and find new friends at the various cultural events, such as open-air concerts, film screenings and much more.

The last ISWI took place online in June and July 2021. Under the motto "Our Future, Our Responsibility - There is no Plan(et) B!" participants discussed various aspects of Climate change, Environmental Conservation and Sustainability. In non-pandemic times, 300-400 participants from up to 80 countries travel to Ilmenau to attend ISWI.

In addition to the ISWI, the ISWI organizes many small projects during the semester, such as the "Kitchen Run", "Professors read Christmas fairy tales", "Wanderlust Lectures", as well as various readings and lectures.

For volunteers there are always many possibilities to participate in the projects of the ISWI e.V., even new (crazy) ideas are welcome!

Curious? Then you find further information on the homepage under www.iswi.org or you look simply times in the house A cellar (room 017) with them by, they are almost always in the office, ... and have cookies!