Become a Tutor!

The faculties EI, IA, MB, MN and WM are again looking for freshman tutors.

Extended application period until 2023-05-21

We are still looking for tutors in WIW-MB, WIW-ET, RCSE, MCS, MNT, IBE, CSP, FZT, TPH, MTR  and master tutors for the faculties EI, MB, and MN.

Thanks for the many applications for II, IN, TKS, EIT, and AMW. We already have enough applications for these courses.

For the upcoming winter semester 2023/2024, the Student Council of the TU Ilmenau and the Central Student Advisory Office are looking for capable, committed and outgoing organizational talents who enjoy dealing with people and would like to introduce a group of freshmen to their studies.

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Framework information

Your Tasks:

  • Support for first-year students in finding their way around the structure, requirements and organization of their studies, as well as
  • Promotion of social integration at the place of study
  • Support during the introductory week and organization of regular meetings over the course of a semester.
  • Obligation to report to the Central Student Advisory Service (in writing and orally upon request)
  • Participation in the two-day tutor training course


  • Okcober 2023 - March 2024
  • weekly or monthly meetings

What do you get for in exchange?

  • Job Certificate for being atutor
  • (if extra seminar taken) Recognition of a course credit


  • Good communication skills
  • Participation in the two-day basic training course
  • Optional participation in three additional modules (4 hours each) within the Studium Generale program
  • Participation in the last information session before the tutorial starts

What's important to us

We are looking for tutors who show a sense of responsibility and find a healthy mixture between partying and proper first-year support, because besides the whole leisure program to promote social integration, it is equally important that you motivate the newcomers to a speedy and successful study at the TU Ilmenau.

How to apply

The application process is very simple. You can apply online via our application portal. Your student council will then contact you about the further procedure. We are looking forward to your applications!


  Online Application Form